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Evidence Of The Law Of Attraction

There is a great deal of evidence available supporting the existence of the law of attraction. One of the primary forms this evidence comes in is that of emotions, but there are many other indicators that the law of attraction is always playing a significant role in your life. For instance, the fact that things of a like nature, and even people of a like nature, are commonly found together is evidence that the law of attraction is a real phenomenon.

Rich people live in the same neighborhoods. Poor people live in the same neighborhoods. Christians meet together with other Christians. Catholics meet together with other Catholics. Law of attraction practitioners meet together with other law of attraction practitioners.

Recycling materials are brought together to be recycled. Trash is brought together for disposal. Old computer parts are brought together to be disassembled.

Happy people are often attracted to one other and often surround themselves with other happy people. Famous people are surrounded by other people who are also famous and oftentimes even become good friends with others who are famous. Individuals who are involved in specific industries of business commonly meet with other like-minded people to learn more about their craft and to network.

Doctors can easily be found in hospitals. Sick people can easily be found there too. Healthy people can easily be found in health food stores and gyms. Fit people can also be easily found in these places too. Firefighters can be found in fire stations and policemen can be found in police stations.

Those who are interested in joining the army soon meet others who are also interested in joining the army. Once these individuals join the army, they are soon surrounded by other individuals who have recently joined the army. Those who are interested in joining the navy are soon surrounded by other people who are interested in joining the navy. These individuals are soon surrounded by others who recently joined the navy after they join as well.

Birds of a feather flock together. Stars form into galaxies. Crabs migrate together on Christmas Island just as countless other species migrate together year after year around the world. People form cities, villages, towns, and small groups of houses in even the most desolate of regions. Trees sprout together and form entire forests consisting of their species.

Writers join other writers in writing guilds, workshops, and meetings. Actors join other actors on stages, behind the scenes, and in actor guilds. Workers who specialize in the same profession group together with other individuals who are of the same profession for a variety of reasons, but they too also join together to form labor unions.

Brilliant and accomplished individuals come together year after year at Ted meetings around the world. Computer scientists and programmers live in and around Silicon Valley. Stock traders, investors, and financiers come together to exchange their holdings on Wall Street.

The list of evidence supporting the existence of the law of attraction goes on like this quite forever since like attracts like. This holds true for individuals too. The thoughts you think, as you can easily see here, attract circumstances, people, places, things, etc. that are all of a like nature.