Why Are You Where You Are?

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Since this law has been in action since the birth of consciousness, and it has certainly been in action for the entirety of your life, you can easily say that you are where you are, because you are like that which surrounds you.

The process of like attracting like works in a very precise manner. Everything is energy vibrating at specific frequencies. You too are made up of energy vibrating at specific frequencies. The way you feel is an indicator of this vibration. This indicates, since like attracts like, that the current vibrational frequency you are emitting is similar to the vibrations that are around you, your experience, or in other words, where you are.

This world is a constantly changing ever evolving Universe though. For this reason, you can easily change the world around you to match the world you desire to create. You can change the world around you by changing the way you feel. Since the way you feel is your point of attraction, and like attracts like, you can change the world around you by changing the vibrational frequency you are personally emitting, the way you feel.

Consciousness is very special though. What you are thinking, what you are feeling, and what you are experiencing are always a perfect match.  While you may be surrounded by things that are not an entirely perfect match to your personal vibrational frequency when you are not giving them your attention, what you are currently experiencing is always a perfect match to the thoughts and feelings you are having. You can harness the power of this fact by simply changing the way you feel. Once you change the way you feel, your new experience will have to match the thoughts you are thinking and the way you feel.

Experiences are very unique in themselves though. While most people refer to the term experience as a term that symbolizes their physical reality, your thoughts too can be included in the definition of the term experience. So, when you are thinking a thought, you are having an experience. When you are observing the physical reality that exists around you, you are having an experience, but you are only experiencing what you are giving your attention to, not what you are not giving your attention to. So, if you are looking forward, you are only experiencing what is front of you, not what is behind you.

Whenever you are giving your attention to anything, you are experiencing it and you are a perfect vibrational match to it. This is why it is important that you deliberately direct your attention towards what you want. You can always tell if you are giving your attention to what you want by observing the way you feel. If you feel good as you give your attention to something, you are at that moment giving your attention to what you want.

You can create any type of life experience you want to live with this knowledge too by simply giving your attention to what you want. As you think about what you want, you are tuning your personal vibrational frequency to match what you want. When you do this, and when you consistently feel the way you feel when you are thinking about what you want, what you want to have in your experience has to become a reality for you, because you are a vibrational match to it when you feel this way and like attracts like.

You can use your imagination in many different ways to create the life you have always dreamed of living. It is important that you always feel good though, because when you feel good, you are attracting experiences into your life that will make you feel good.