Proof Of The Law Of Attraction

Proof of the law of attraction is literally all around you. Look at what is around you right now and what is happening in your experience. Once you have done this, you will notice that you have thought about every single thing you see around you right now in some way.

Now, if you put even more thought into the things that are around you right now, you will discover that you are going to get even more of those things in your life experience. For example, if you turn your attention towards your TV, you will soon realize that you have probably put quite a bit of thought and focus into your TV and the shows that are on TV. If you place your thoughts and attention on your TV right now, you will probably have the urge to turn it on. If you were to follow through with that urge, instead of putting your attention elsewhere, you will discover that you are going to end up spending a few hours with the TV as your primary point of focus. That is just the way the law of attraction works. You get more of what you give your attention.

If you want more substantial proof of the law of attraction, such as evidence that you can actually create your environment and life experience just by using your thoughts, then you might have to put a little bit more effort into the process. Many people find it very easy to give their attention to their TV, but if you want to attract something very specific, you might have to seek it out in your thoughts and in the physical world.

If you have a computer, you can easily attract anything you want in an instant. Let's say you want a Bentley for instance. So, here you are with this inkling in your stomach that you will be very happy if you have more Bentleys in your experience. Type the term Bentley cars into Google or your favorite search engine. You will then notice that you just turned a thought into reality. You thought about a Bentley and you now have a Bentley in your experience, a manifestation. If you place even more time and attention on the subject of Bentleys, you are certainly going to find yourself surrounded by much more information and evidence relating to this point of attraction.

Now, if you were to take this process even further, if you are still not sure about the law of attraction, you are likely saying...well, hey that's common sense that I think about a Bentley and I use this simple tool of a computer to manifest a Bentley. So, you are someone who is looking for absolute proof that your attention to this subject will actually attract it into your experience with no further effort on your part. The only thing you need to do now is dive deeper into the information you are finding online. Discover everything you can about Bentleys. Look into their manufacturing plants, the dealerships that sell them, people who buy them, anything related to Bentleys.

You will likely find your attention shifting from Bentleys to a variety of other subjects at this point. In most cases, if you were intently focused on an actual Bentley in the first place, and not the lack of money or some other thought, you are attracting subjects that match Bentleys. So, you are probably finding yourself looking at Ferraris, or you stopped to investigate what kind of house a person who owns a Bentley lives in. There are practically an infinite number of things you may find yourself more interested in at this point, but if you want to truly uncover proof of the law of attraction, turn your attention back to Bentleys to increase the alignment you personally have with these cars to create a manifestation.

Now that you have gone as deep as you can into discovering what the world of Bentleys is like, you have probably seen many pictures, watched videos of people driving Bentleys, and you have likely seen the emblem of Bentley Motor Cars quite a few times. You probably also know what it is like to sit in a Bentley, what it would be like to own one of these cars, and what it would be like to drive one of these cars. If you were to completely stop looking at Bentleys at this point, and completely remove your specific involvement in the process of making the Bentley manifestations occur, you are still going to see more evidence of Bentleys in your experience. Just watch and wait, you will see. You now have proof of the law of attraction, enjoy.