The Law of Attraction - An Overview

The law of attraction has been coming to light in the past 100 or so years, because many successful people have discovered and applied this law in their own lives with tremendously impressive results. These individuals have been sharing their knowledge with the world with the hopes of improving the experiences of everyone who comes to our humble planet. Even though many people are only just starting to learn about this law, it has been around forever. The nature of this Universe, and the bodies that are present within it, are actually built upon this simple foundational law.

The law of attraction is truly a grand unified theory that explains everything in this Universe. This law also explains everything that happens in your personal experience as well. This law simply states this, like attracts like.

If you are not familiar with the foundational roots of your Universe though, you are likely wondering what this truly means. The Universe is really just energy at its core. Many people call this energy God, but physicists usually just refer to it as energy. This core energy is vibrating at specific frequencies too. Whatever frequency an object is vibrating at depicts the type of object it is presented as to our senses.

We too are vibrations of energy at our very core. These vibrations make us who we are. You can sense your personal vibration in two ways. You can use your senses to observe these vibrations or you can use the way you feel as a way to observe what your personal vibration is.

Since like attracts like, however you are feeling right now is your point of attraction. If you are feeling good, you are attracting more experiences that will make you feel good, or even better.

This is important, because this means you can create any type of life you want to live. You are always creating whether you are doing it on purpose or not. However, the way you are feeling at any given moment is depicting the type of life you are creating.

In order to create the type of life you want to live, you should give your attention to things that make you feel good. As you give your attention to things that make you feel good, you will make your point of attraction attract things that also feel good and you will have a very good life as a result.

The more deliberately you direct your focus towards things that make you feel good though, the better you will feel. So, if you deliberately direct your attention to things that make you feel really good, you will feel even better. And if you can find things that make you feel absolutely blissful, you will feel absolutely blissful.