How To Apply The Law Of Attraction To Investing

The law of attraction operates using very simple principles at its foundation in that like attracts like. With this one piece of knowledge, you can take any subject in existence and attract the essence of that subject into your life simply by thinking about it. If you happen to be investing though, you likely want to attract a lifestyle in which you are earning tons of money from your investments, consistently finding profitable investments, and winning with all of the positions you establish in the market. You can easily achieve these goals by using the law of attraction to apply it to investing.

Firstly, if you are planning on using the law of attraction, it is important to understand that the way you feel is your personal point of attraction. Even more importantly though, that which you think, feel, and experience are always perfectly harmonized with one another. By understanding this basic knowledge, you can now understand why your life experience is currently evolving in the way it is and you can change your life experience to match any type of experience you desire to live.

Investors in particular should be searching for the feeling of profiting from the market in which they are investing. By searching for the feeling of profiting from the market, you set your point of attraction at a frequency, or a feeling, that is harmonized with profiting from the market and once you feel as if you are profiting from the market in the present moment, your life experience will then have to match the thoughts that generate those feelings.

You can apply this information to individual investments too. If you would like an individual investment to generate a profit for you, simply start thinking about the investment in a way that is harmonized with your desire. For example, try imagining how you would feel selling the position for a significant profit. By doing so, you will make yourself feel very good and you will thus attract experiences that are a vibrational match to the types of experiences you want to attract into your life.

If you would simply like to become a successful investor, imagine what it would feel like if you were a successful investor right now. Imagine living the lifestyle you would be living, enjoying the vacations you would be having, and even the joy of earning more money every year due to the success of your investments. By doing this single step, you should be able to find a very good feeling state of being.

In order to make your efforts even more beneficial to your investments, you may want to even consider exaggerating the final results. For instance, some people might find it difficult to get excited about a forty cent rise in a stock's price. If you do not feel excited as you think about the gains you could reasonably obtain from your investment, start imagining a greater gain, such as a twenty dollar per share gain in a stock's price. By doing so, you will likely find yourself laughing aloud, but such laughing is only a sign that you are introducing a much higher frequency vibration, a very fast-moving frequency of high-intensity, into your state of being that you are not yet up to speed with at present. By continually giving your attention to this single thought though, you can easily harmonize with this frequency and you will soon feel very good as you align with it.

It is important to remember that the law of attraction is always taking effect in your life. Whenever you are guiding your attention during waking hours, you always experience feelings corresponding with the nature of the resulting thoughts. If that which you give your attention makes you feel good, you are then moving in the direction of accomplishing your goals. If you do not feel good as you give your attention to a subject though, you are then taking a detour in a direction that does not lead to the fulfillment of your intentions. With this knowledge in hand, you can now truly accomplish any goal you have set for yourself.