The Emotion Is The Experience

Being that everything consists of energy in the form of vibrations that are perceived as emotions, all that you ever experience is thus an emotion. Ergo, as you attempt to create the life of your dreams, you are actually experiencing that which is being created in the form of the emotions you are presently experiencing. In other words, that which you are creating is actually the emotion that is being produced by your present thought.

Therefore, as you think about your desires for the purpose of creating the life of your dreams, what you are actually creating are the emotions that are produced by such thoughts, and as you experience these emotions, you are having the exact same experience you will have as a result of thinking those thoughts since the experience being created will be of a nature that produces the same emotions within you.

This fact emphasizes the importance of choosing thoughts that produce a particularly desirable emotional state within you since the quality of the emotions that are produced by your present thoughts indicates the quality of the experiences that will be created by those thoughts. You can also easily tell how much you will enjoy that which is being created in any given moment since the desirability of the emotion that is presently being produced by your thoughts will equal the desirability of the experiences such thoughts will ultimately create. In this way, the thoughts you think that produce the most desirable emotions within you always create the most desirable experiences you ever witness.