Where You Are

You are always somewhere vibrationally speaking since this is an energy-based universe and you are thus always surrounded by vibrations of a certain nature that are defined by the nature of your thoughts. Therefore, your thoughts indicate the nature of your present location within spacetime since they are the perception of the various vibrations to which you are exposed. Thus, the more desirable do the various thoughts you encounter become, the more desirable is your location within this vibrational spacetime.

In other words, every thought you think defines your specific location within spacetime. As the thinking of a thought establishes your position within spacetime, it also establishes the frequency of the various vibrations that surround you since these surrounding vibrations are of a similar frequency to that of the thought. Ergo, as you think a particular thought, that thought immediately begins to attract additional thoughts of a like nature that indicate your unique location within spacetime. The more desirable are the thoughts that are attracted in this manner, the more desirable is the thought that attracted them and the more desirable is the nature of your specific location within spacetime.

With this information in hand, you may now easily tell how well you are doing as you go about manifesting your life experience since the desirability of the thoughts you are attracting in any given moment, as is indicated by the nature of the thoughts that naturally enter your mind after thinking a particular thought, indicates the desirability of the manifestations you are creating with the thought being chosen.