Traversing Happiness

The Universe being of an infinite variety of energy values that are perceived as states of happiness thus indicates that all you ever do is traverse states of happiness through your thoughts and emotions. A unidimensional structure is thus formed in that you can either increase or decrease the degree of happiness being experienced in any given moment.

Therefore, to reach a particular state of happiness, you must first attain a state of happiness that is like it so that you may then increase the degree of your happiness enough to move up to the next level. The process of achieving any desire thus becomes the rather simple process of increasing your state of happiness until you reach the particular state of happiness that is produced by the desire's fulfillment. The happier you are able to make yourself in any given moment of time, the closer you are thereby becoming to the desire's fulfillment.

Ergo, your primary goal in manifesting anything should be that of increasing the degree of happiness which you are personally experiencing. As you increase the degree to which you are happy, you will find yourself becoming more alike in nature to the person you would be were the desire to be fulfilled and this in turn will make your reality more alike in nature to the state it would be in were your desire to be fulfilled.