Translational Happiness

Since everything is happiness due to happiness being the perception of the energy from which everything is sourced, everything in a way thus becomes a form of happiness. For instance, every specific sum of money represents a specific state of happiness that corresponds with it. Every degree of fame corresponds with a specific degree of happiness with greater degrees of fame corresponding with greater degrees of happiness. In this way, the more you acquire of anything that gives you happiness, the happier you become.

Therefore, rather than purely pursuing happiness, you can purely pursue the acquiring of something that directly translates into happiness to thereby increase the degree to which you are happy, and the better you get at acquiring any particular thing that gives you such happiness, the greater does your happiness become.

This translational nature of happiness thus makes the process of becoming happier much easier to manage overall, since rather than constantly concerning yourself with the daunting task of discerning how happy a particular thought is making you, you can just give your attention to a particular topic such as fame to thereby acquire more fame by becoming further harmonized with it which in turn will make you happier. This can truly be done with anything that makes you happier too.

Any topic that gives you any sense of an increase in your happiness whenever you happen to acquire more of it, including thoughts and experiences themselves, may be sought out so that you can acquire more of it for the purpose of increasing the degree to which you are happy. The greater is the degree to which a particular topic increases your happiness in the acquiring of it, and the greater is your ambition as you attempt to acquire more of it, the greater will be the increases in your happiness as a result of engaging in this process.