Seeing Opportunities

Your ability to see the various opportunities that are presented to you in life directly relates to your energy value. The amount of information contained within a thought is defined by the amount of energy it contains. The higher in frequency is a thought, the greater is the amount of information contained within it. Thus, as your thoughts increase in desirability through the exercising of positivity, you gain access to more information about the world around you and the various opportunities that are presented for your consideration.

The additional information contained within positive thoughts makes it possible for you to better understand the implications of seizing any given opportunity so that you may greatly increase the probability of creating a more desirable future for yourself. Furthermore, the greater is the degree of your positivity, the more potential opportunities you will be able to see and the greater will be the possible upsides of seizing the most valuable opportunities available.

Negativity on the other hand decreases your energy value and clouds your vision of the future. Thus, you are not able to see as many opportunities in life whenever you are entertaining a negative thought and even if you do happen to see an opportunity, you will likely ignore it due to the many potential downsides that could result from seizing such an opportunity. The reason for this is the fact that a negative thought contains less information due to its lower energy content. Whenever you are thinking a negative thought, the lack of information at your disposal prevents you from seeing the value in the opportunities that are presented to you and the inevitable result is that of losing the chance to seize these valuable opportunities.

Therefore, the greater is the degree of your positivity in any given moment, the greater in number will be the opportunities in life that are up for your consideration and the more willing you will be to seize the various opportunities that are presented to you. The result of seeing and seizing more opportunities will inevitably be that of moving you closer to fulfilling your dreams since each opportunity that is seized increases the probability of your success.