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New Frequency Measurement

The energy value of a thought is equal to its frequency and degree of amplification. The higher in frequency is a thought, and the more extensively is it amplified, the greater is its energy content and thus the greater is its desirability. A thought's energy value may also be determined by the length of time for which you are able to maintain it since the greater is the difference in the energy value of a thought to that of the reality in which it is created, the shorter lived is the thought. Furthermore, the energy value of a thought may also be determined by the emotional state it produces since emotions are the perception of changes in your personal energy value. Thus, the more desirable is an emotional response, the greater is the energy value of the thought being considered.

While these methods alone are quite effective in determining the energy value of a thought thereby indicating its desirability, there is an additional method one can use to accurately determine the energy value of a thought. This method utilizes the various law of attraction principles that have been developed to determine how desirable a particular thought is in order to determine its energy value. The greater is the degree to which a thought is in alignment with these principles, the higher in energy is the thought.

For instance, there are various ways in which the world may be viewed that result in a variety of unique perspectives. For instance, logic has typically been used for centuries in order to assess the truthfulness of any particular belief or statement. While logic has certainly served its purpose well, a logical statement is not always of a high energy value.

For instance, as you attempt to manifest your desires, you may say to yourself that you are not certain whether or not a particular desire is even possible. While such a statement may seem perfectly reasonable to most people since it is an attempt to make an accurate assessment of the state of reality, from the perspective of someone who understands the various law of attraction principles that have been developed more recently, this statement is clearly of a lower energy value than an absolute belief in your ability to create the reality of your choosing.

Furthermore, the process of wondering whether or not something is even possible is in complete disagreement with these principles since it has been well established that an event begins to occur immediately in the thought of it and continues to do so with the repetition of each successive thought. Additionally, it has also been clearly demonstrated that events are not singular points in time, but actually consist of a series of like-natured thoughts that culminate together to form your perception of an event. Thus, an event spans over an extended period of time rather than occurring at a single point in time. Therefore, if you ever wonder if your desire is going to manifest, such a thought is clearly of a low energy value since it is not in agreement with these principles. A higher energy value thought would thus be the understanding that the event has already begun to occur and continues to do so in your every thought of it.

The energy value of a thought may also be determined purely through a determination of its desirability. The law of attraction principles which have been well established demonstrate that a person should only think about that which they want since they are becoming more alike in nature to their every thought, as is their reality. Thus, you may easily determine the energy value of any thought simply by asking yourself whether or not it is indeed what you truly want in life. The more enthusiastically is such a question answered in the affirmative, the greater is the energy value of the thought being considered.