Emotions Have To Repeat

Due to the consistency of vibrations principle, every thought must be followed by a like-natured thought, and since emotions are thoughts, every emotion must be followed by a like-natured emotion. Since this principle applies to macro-scale objects as well, every series of thoughts must also be followed by a like-natured series. Ergo, if you entertain a particular emotional state in one moment, it becomes exceedingly probable that you will entertain a nearly identical state in another moment.

Thus, all thoughts and emotions should be chosen with an absolute expectation of their repetition since such repetition is inevitable. Therefore, your thoughts and emotions in relation to every topic must be chosen deliberately so that only desirable thoughts and emotions will repeat or else the choice of thought and emotion will be chosen deterministically, randomly, and will repeat nonetheless. This is essentially the basis of the entire law of attraction principle since the thoughts and emotions chosen today will be the thoughts and emotions experienced tomorrow.

The tendency toward repetition is the strongest the closer in proximity you are to an event. Thus, the thoughts and emotions experienced now may not be highly probable next week, but their repetition is almost certain only a few moments from now. This guaranteed repetition provides for substantial benefits in relation to harmonizing with a particular vibration in that continually repeating a thought or emotion results in its immediate stabilization.