Dynamical Bliss

The nature of your bliss is made apparent by your most desirable thought. That which you want more than anything in the entire world, or that which you find to be absolutely blissful, is the nature of your bliss. Even so, the idea that you should only pursue your bliss may be misguided since you likely have a vast number of desires relating to that which you find to be blissful in life.

These additional desires thus give rise to the idea of a dynamical bliss, a bliss with more than just a single component. To better understand the nature of your dynamical bliss, simply take into account the numerous desires you have formed in relation to all of the desires you have ever formed in life. Were all of these desires to be fulfilled, so would your dynamical bliss be fulfilled.

Thus, to fulfill your dynamical bliss, you must match the energy value you would maintain were all of your desires to be fulfilled, as is indicated by the emotional state you would maintain were such an event to occur. The greater is the likeness of your emotional state to such an emotion, the closer you are to fulfilling all of your desires.