Disharmony To Harmony

One of the most common events that occurs when someone attempts to manifest a desire is the development of a belief that the fulfillment of the desire is somehow above them or out of their reach. The cause of this sense of intimidation that is imposed upon a person by their grandest of desires is simply a difference in energy levels. Your grandest desires are the highest frequency desires of which you are aware. Thus, the difference between the energy value of these desires and your personal energy value is greater than that of any other desire you have formed.

Even so, this gap between your personal energy value and that which is desired only indicates that the majority of your past attention was given to topics and points of focus that are of a substantially lower energy value than the desire being manifested. Therefore, this dilemma is easily solved since it only requires that you give your grandest desires more of your attention in the present.

By doing so, you will instantly start to become more aligned with their unique frequency thereby greatly increasing your personal energy value while simultaneously diminishing the degree to which you are intimated by the possibility of their fulfillment. The more extensive is the attention given to your grandest of desires, the more extensively harmonized you will become with their fulfillment and this additional harmonization will make the possibility of their ultimate realization all the more believable.