Vibrational Body

Since the body is vibrational in nature, its structure thus becomes quite malleable in that a simple change in the vibrations to which it is exposed instantly changes its structure. Therefore, ailments are only indicators the body is being exposed to vibrations that are not harmonized with the core vibration of the body in its natural healthy state. All such disharmonious vibrations are perceived as bad feeling negativity, as is produced from thoughts of the body being anything other than healthy.

Thus, to erase the effects of an illness, all one must do is reverse this process by exposing the body to good feeling vibrations that likewise always produce positive emotion. Such thoughts as that of the body being in an optimal condition thus become necessary for well-being to be maintained since these thoughts displace thoughts of any other nature.

The body's natural ability to heal itself thus corresponds directly with the good feelings that are produced by positivity. Therefore, as you think positive thoughts that make you feel good by producing positive emotions, you are witnessing the body healing itself by harmonizing with a vibration of well-being.