Thought Leading

Thoughts lead to infinitely similar results in the form of thoughts of a virtually identical nature. Thus, the more harmonized is a thought with a particular event in terms of the likeness between the thought and the thought of the event actually happening, the more alike in nature to the event is the thought that must follow. Ergo, when a thought matches the nature of an event, the event is happening and the event will thus follow in the form of an infinitely like-natured thought.

As it is necessary for your energy value to match your desire in order for it to be fulfilled, thoughts of your desire make it more possible by bringing your energy value closer to that of its fulfillment while thoughts of its absence make it impossible by taking your energy value in the opposite direction of its fulfillment. Therefore, you can make even your grandest of desires more likely to occur just by increasing the likeness of all of your thoughts to the nature of your desires.