Thought Amplification

Thought amplification is the process of taking a single thought and turning it into a considerably more powerful thought. This is done fairly easily by first thinking a particularly desirable thought. In the thinking of this thought, you should make an attempt to feel quite good so that you are starting with a high frequency thought of the most desirable character possible.

Once such a thought has been created, the next step is the process of thinking happily about your thinking of the first thought. Consider how happy the thinking of this thought made you and then attempt to think the first thought again while amplifying the degree of positivity that is inherent in the thought by using the positive emotion that was produced from the initial thought of it. Doing so should further enhance the degree of positive emotion that is derived from the thinking of this thought.

Then, once you have considered the thought for a second time while producing even more substantial positive emotion than the first time you considered it, you can repeat this process by applying it to the even higher amplitude thought thereby further amplifying it which in turn greatly increases the degree of positive emotion that may be derived from the thinking of that particular thought. This process may be repeated ad infinitum to produce results that are as desirable as you are ambitious.