The Future Is Now

It is quite natural to view the future as an event that has yet to come, but due to the nature of the future being defined by the nature of the present, it would be more appropriate to view the future as if it is actually occurring in the present. In this way, you may get a better grasp of what the future will be like since the events that are happening now are foretelling of the nature of future events in that their nature will be similar to that of events happening in the present.

Their nature will be similar in that their subject matter will be alike in nature and the emotional response they will produce within you will be similar as well. Therefore, the future is being constantly experienced in that with your every thought you are bearing witness to the subject matter and emotional state that will be maintained by you in the future. Such a phenomenon emphasizes the importance of wisely choosing your topic of focus and emotional state in the present so that you may optimize the future state of mind you will entertain.