Effects Of Relativity

Relativity is the result of the Universe being infinite in nature since there is no point from which you may gain a relative perspective within infinity due to the difference between your energy value and that of the highest and lowest energy values always being infinite no matter where you happen to reside within the infinite spectrum. Thus, the only way to gain a relative perspective is to establish an artificial point within infinity from which you may then easily determine the difference between your energy value and its own.

Due to the infinite nature of the Universe, there are always infinitely higher energy values for you to attain. Even so, due to the necessity of establishing artificial points from which they may gauge their personal position within infinity, such as the energy values of those around them, most people judge their position within infinity by comparing themselves to others. As a result, the desirability of their thoughts and emotions is determined by comparing them to the thoughts and emotions of others. The result of this is naturally a considerably lower energy value than would be achieved otherwise.

With this knowledge, you may now understand the importance of raising the bar, for the energy values, thoughts and emotions, with which you choose to compare yourself help to define your personal energy value to a rather significant degree. Thus, you now know that the nature of your thoughts and their resulting emotions are largely defined by the world in which you live. By knowing that there are infinitely more desirable thoughts and emotions for you to experience, you may now explore the limitless nature of your existence by soaring to ever higher heights.