Immutable Truths Of Energy-Based Physics

An object can only be of an energy value matching its own and thus if an object matches this value, then it is the object. Even so, if an object is exposed to a vibration, then it must match its frequency in the form of an averaging of the two interacting body's frequencies.

Therefore, it is an inescapable truth that your vibration matches the nature of all that to which you are exposed and thereby becomes as desirable as your thought. Thus, while it is common to endure negativity for short periods of time simply for convenience, it nonetheless affects and defines your vibration to the degree you give it your attention and vibrationally align with it just as you do when thinking of your desires.

The complete immersion of your mind into that which you desire provides for the fastest route to harmonizing your vibration with that particular topic as this represents the maximum achievable degree of exposure to that which you desire.