The Nature Of Trade-Offs

You are always making trade-offs as you choose to focus on one subject over another, but trade-offs also come in less obvious forms as well. For instance, when you choose to focus on driving a car faster to reach your destination sooner, you are at that moment trading the option of focusing on a level of safety that will increase the likelihood you will arrive safely at your destination in return for speed.

In the same way, when you focus on speeding up the rate at which a manifestation will unfold, you are at that moment making a trade-off to focus on the speed at which your manifestation unfolds in exchange for the way in which it will unfold, the quality of the manifestation.

Trade-offs are also of an infinite nature as well. When you choose to give your attention to a specific vibrational frequency, a subject or point of focus, you are at that moment trading that point of focus for the infinite number of points of focus you can give your attention.

Thus, since satisfaction is what you are seeking with your manifestations, you should give your attention to a point of focus that makes you feel satisfied. As a result, you will attract experiences that match, experiences that make you feel satisfied with the life scenario which has manifested before you due to your thought.