Heaven On Earth - Shambhala

Shambhala is a state state of being whereby you remain focused upon your immediate reality in a pure manner and thus see its true nature, an existence with heaven like qualities filled with colorful and beautiful structures seen directly through the senses. To achieve this state of being, one must first focus on the idea of Shambhala, an idea consisting of a fabulous kingdom that maintains an essence similar to the essences found in ancient Buddhist paintings.

Next, bring this vision into your present reality by picturing it encompassing your existence in this physical realm. Once this is done, the mystical qualities of your physical existence will become apparent. Thoughts often cloud one's ability to enter Shambhala due to their disharmony with it, as is the case with doubtful thoughts, but this process will harmonize your thoughts with Shambhala and it will give you access to Shambhala, total enlightenment, at all times. The glimpsing of enlightenment is common for most people, but Shambhala, heaven on earth, is a complete and sustained immersion into a state of enlightenment.