The Power Of Compounding Attraction

Compounding attraction is the process whereby the power of the attraction between a person and a subject becomes stronger as a result of repetitive focus. A significant example of this phenomenon is soccer. Soccer started as a small game of kicking a ball around, but today it is an internationally recognized sport that receives more attention year after year as the compounding attraction between soccer and civilization increases day after day.

The same goes for those who are well known in the world of soccer. Many famous soccer players begin playing the sport when they were very young and they gave their attention to the sport day after day until the attraction between themselves and their soccer related fame became so strong that their life experience reflected a world full of soccer and soccer associated fame.

Compounding attraction is constantly occurring in your life. Compounding attraction arises every time you think more than one thought about a subject. While the strength of the attraction between yourself and a subject is rather weak if you only think a single thought about it, it becomes twice as strong once you think a second thought about it, and each time you think an additional thought about the subject in question, the strength of the attraction between yourself and the subject becomes incrementally stronger.

As this process continues as you think more and more thoughts about a subject, you attract more and more thoughts and experiences involving the subject into your life. You can use this phenomenon to your advantage by deliberately thinking more and more thoughts about your desires. Each additional thought you think about your desires will attract even more thoughts and experiences involving your desires into your life.