Multidirectional Manifesting

Multidirectional manifesting is the process of finding the thoughts and feelings you would be giving your attention as you focus in various directions once your desires have manifested. For instance, how do you feel about what is to your left right now in your present reality? The thoughts and feelings that are generated as you give your attention to your left indicates the vibrational content of that which is to your left.

Now, if you were to imagine how you would be feeling about what is to your left right now if your dreams were presently a reality for you, you will be able to identify the vibrational content you would be encountering and experiencing if you were to give your left side your attention once your desires have manifested. This can be done for every direction too. As you complete this process, you will become more familiar with what it is like to have what you want and you will thus be in a better position to focus on the feeling of having what you want in order to manifest your desires.