Lock And Key

The Universe is like an infinite set of rooms and each room is of a specific vibrational frequency. To get into one of the rooms, you must have a key that matches its vibrational frequency. Your thoughts thus act as the keys for every room in the Universe. Therefore, your thoughts, feelings, and experiences must be a vibrational match to your desires in order for them to be created.

All of these rooms already exist, your dreams have already been fulfilled, and you had the experience of fulfilling your dreams in the moment they were created in your mind. As you focus on a specific topic, such as your desires, you are at that moment focusing on one of the rooms of the Universe, along with its key, and you are vibrationally aligning yourself to match it. This process of becoming vibrationally aligned with your desires then causes your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to match your desires thereby granting you access to the room being focused upon.