Infinite Perfection

Infinite vibration, pure energy, is infinite perfection and the more you align with it and allow the energy to flow through you, the better you feel and the more your life reflects this infinite perfection. Everything is God, but life provides you with a unique perspective of the infinite. The more your perspective aligns with the infinite, God, the more energy you allow to flow through you.

There are a variety of ways you can go about aligning with the infinite to experience infinite perfection.  The thinking of good feeling thoughts for instance allows for you to experience the infinite perfection that is the Universe. Before you can begin to fully immerse yourself within the infinite though, you will first need to understand the nature of the Universe.

That which is considered to be physical is actually non-physical, pure energy, and the more energy you allow to flow through your physical body, the more you align with the infinite energy of the Universe. With this knowledge, you can begin to understand that the Universe is a singularity and everything in existence is one entity. For instance, thoughts of the afterlife, multiple dimensions, and every other seemingly abstract thought of the unknown is just as real as the experiences you have in your everyday life, for it is all energy.

With this knowledge, you can begin to view your desires from a completely new perspective. Now that you know that everything is energy, including your thoughts, and this energy can take on any shape or form, you can begin to think about your desires knowing in the moment you do so that you are experiencing your desires firsthand. Thus, the moment you begin to think about your desires as if they have been fulfilled, you are at that moment experiencing the fulfillment of your desires. As you give your attention to the fulfillment of your desires, you will also experience the infinite perfection of the Universe.