The Nature Of Consciousness

Consciousness is pure energy capable of vibrating at all vibrational frequencies in existence. Thus, who you are in any given moment is simply pure energy vibrating at a specific frequency, but this energy is infinite in nature.

For this reason, you can jump from one state of consciousness to another by adjusting your focus. The adjusting of your focus always results in a change in your vibrational frequency, the way you feel. Once the present state of consciousness you maintain is released as you withdraw your attention from it in order to place your attention on a new state of consciousness, the leap to a new state of consciousness, a new experience, is completed.

In this way, you can vibrate in harmony with other states of consciousness, such as other people in your life, and you can also vibrate in harmony with inanimate objects and view the world from their perspective. It is this ability to focus on any vibrational frequency of your choosing that allows for you to vibrate in harmony with any frequency in existence so that you may experience life from an infinite number of perspectives.

This process is constantly occurring too. For every point of focus you give your attention, every person, every creature, every inanimate object, every thought, every idea, is vibrating at a specific vibrational frequency and as you give your attention to any vibrational frequency in existence, you begin to vibrate in harmony with it. While your body slowly harmonizes with that which you give your attention, your mind immediately harmonizes with it. Thus, as you give anything your attention, you are at that moment that which you are giving your attention and the more attention you give to anything, the more like it you become.