Energy Flow

Since the source of the energy you are allowing to flow through your thoughts is pure infinite energy, it is perfectly uniform in nature. The more uniform your allowance of this energy to flow through you becomes, the more well-being you experience as a result. A uniform allowance of this energy to flow dictates that a SPECT scan of your brain in this state would show highly uniform activity that is approaching perfection. You can even observe the amount of uniformity that exists within your thoughts by assessing the thoughts you think directly. A perfectly uniform thought maintains the form of a uniform color throughout your mind with very little complexity to it while non-uniform thoughts are quite complicated and may come in a multitude of colors and shapes. Thus, uniform thoughts are a bit like white noise on a television screen, but they are typically of a single color.

Your perceptions of every direction, three-hundred degrees, up, down and every other conceivable direction, also affects the amount of energy you allow to flow through you. For instance, many people disallow the energy to flow them as they think about their bodies due to their focus upon points of focus that do not allow the energy to flow, points of focus such as imperfections and dislikes.

Since the body is located directly beneath the brain, the process of giving your attention to the aspects of your physical body that you do not like disallows the energy from flowing through the bottom center portion of your brain. This lack of activity then in turn also restricts the amount of energy that can flow throughout the entirety of your body as well and it is thus the primary cause of defects found within the body.

By simply thinking about your body in a positive manner, you will be able to allow more energy to flow through the bottom center portion of your brain as well as your entire body and this will improve your overall health and your point of attraction. This process can also affect your perception of every other conceivable direction though.

For instance, if you are consistently focused on something to your left that you do not find to feel good as you give it your attention, or you have recurring memories of an experience where something to your left was not making you feel good, you are, in those moments, disallowing the energy to flow through you primarily on your left side. This lack of energy flowing through the left hemisphere of your brain will show up in SPECT imaging scans and this lack of energy in the left portion of your body will also affect the health of the left portion of your body.

By simply letting go of any thoughts that are causing you to feel bad about a point of focus to your left and by replacing any aspect of your experience that is undesirable to your left with thoughts and points of focus that make you feel good and allow the energy to flow, well-being will be restored to the left side of your body and brain and your point of attraction will also be improved.

This process can be applied to every conceivable direction too. This process will also improve your point of attraction in vibrational terms, for as you give your attention to points of focus that allow the pure infinite energy to flow, you feel better and since your life experiences always match the way you feel, your point of attraction, the amount of energy you are allowing to flow, your experiences will then become filled with more energy and they will make you feel much better as a result. In other words, your experiences will become more desirable as you increase your allowance of the infinite energy at your disposal to flow through you.