Your Perception Of Everything

Your perception of everything matches your present vibrational frequency, the way you feel, your point of attraction. Wherever you presently vibrate on the infinite vibrational scale matches the thoughts you think about everything in your immediate surroundings and even the way you think about the thoughts you think.

To manifest your desires, you must alter your vibrational frequency, the way you feel, to the point that your perception of everything, the way you think about everything, such as your immediate surroundings, the furnishings in your immediate surroundings, the people in your immediate surroundings, and all of the details inherent in your life experience, is changed to match your desires.

To do this, a liberal attitude towards thinking differently about everything in your life experience must be adopted so that you become willing to visualize an entirely new environment around you, such as furnishings that match your desires, people that match your desires, etc., and you must become so good at this process that you only focus upon the reality you want to the point that you are no longer aware of any realities that do not match your desires.

This will permit you to maintain a vibrational frequency that matches the having of your desires, a frequency that makes you feel as if your desires are a reality for you right now, at all times and since the way you feel is your point of attraction and your experiences always match the way you feel, your reality will begin to shift to better match your desires as you get better and better at performing this process.