How Are You Vibrating?

The way you have been and currently are vibrating is indicated by the type of experiences you have been and are going through. By simply taking a look at your life experience, you can see exactly where your emotional state has been and how you attracted experiences that match that emotional state.

By analyzing your current life situation and the emotions it triggers as well as the events that led up to it and the emotions those events triggered, you can easily see how well you are doing at managing your personal vibrational frequency to manifest your desires. Once you have seen your progress towards manifesting your desires, you will be able to move forward with greater success by improving your point of attraction, the way you feel, to a greater extent.

By completing this process, you will also be able to identify the topics in your life you are not allowing yourself to feel good about. As a result of these realizations, you will be able to start improving the way you feel about those topics by improving the quality of the thoughts you think about them and thus improve your point of attraction to completely transform your entire life.

This process can also be used to help you identify the most beneficial thoughts you have been thinking. By identifying the best feeling thoughts you have been thinking and their corresponding manifestations, you will be able to replicate the process of thinking these great feeling thoughts to create even more experiences that match them in the future.