Harmony With The Universe

You are presently harmonized with the Universe, for the only reason why you are experiencing this Universe is due to your harmony with it. This harmony can be disrupted through thoughts of disharmony though and it can also be disrupted through thoughts revolving around the belief that you are not harmonized with the Universe. Along with these factors, you can also become harmonized with subjects that are not harmonized with the Universe, subjects such as death. Other than these possibilities though, you are always harmonized with the Universe.

This harmony is quite extensive too. Of course, you are in greater harmony with the planet Earth than you are with other planets, but you are still harmonized with other planets to a certain extent. This harmony extends all the way into deep space as well. For the stars you see in the sky would not be there if you were not harmonized with them to a certain extent. This harmony even extends to details about the stars, such as what life would be like on planets around them for instance. For the thoughts you have about these subjects on occasion through movies, science fiction references, and your own personal musings are indicators of a certain degree of harmony between yourself and these concepts.

While you are harmonized with the physical Universe, you are also harmonized with the infinite to a certain degree through thoughts about God, infinity, energy, and other related topics as well. You can even increase your harmony with the Universe by giving your attention to the various aspects of the Universe you wish to harmonize yourself with to a greater extent and this process will make the aspects of the Universe you choose to harmonize with a more important part of your life.