Emotional Rating System

Your emotions are a universal rating system that measures the quality of the thoughts you think. If you have already defined your desires, then you know what it is you want and you also know how you want to feel. You can use this information to your advantage in a variety of ways too.

Since your emotions indicate the vibrational content of your focus, they can be used as a rating system for the Universe that can guide you towards your desires. As you give your attention to a subject, emotions within you are triggered that match the specific vibrational content of your focus.

By comparing the emotions that are generated within you as you focus around the Universe, you can easily identify the most beneficial points of focus available to you, because the most beneficial points of focus available to you trigger the most desirable emotions you have ever experienced. Also, points of focus that match your desires make you feel as if your desires have already been fulfilled and you can give your attention to these points of focus to effectively attract matching experiences.