Vibrational Healing

Vibrational healing is a powerful process you can use to disrupt negative vibrations present within the body, negative bad feeling emotions and associated illnesses. In order to utilize this process, you will first need to identify a positive good feeling vibrational frequency.

To do so, think the best feeling thought you can think right now. Think a thought that makes you burst with joy as you give your attention to it with the intention of viewing it as a reality for you. Then, as you think this thought, you will feel good feeling ripples of energy flowing throughout your body, and perhaps even more specifically, in a certain portion of your body, oftentimes near the core.

The point at which these vibrations are strongest is where you should place your attention next. Familiarize yourself with this good feeling vibrational frequency, so much so that you can make yourself feel and experience that vibrational frequency at will. Use the original thought that generated the good feeling vibrational frequency in the first place to repeatedly generate it at will.

Once you are deeply familiar with this vibrational frequency, and you are able to conjure it at will, you should then attempt to instill it into the portion of your body that requires healing and feel it rippling throughout your body. To do so, focus on the thoughts that generate the good feeling vibrations and the associated feelings that result when you think those thoughts. Then, visualize those good feelings merging into the portion of your body that requires healing.

Visualize these good feeling vibrational frequencies permeating the affected area down to its core and immerse yourself within the experience of this energy flowing throughout the affected area to the extent that it positively influences the surrounding areas by making your entire body feel good.

Since everything is energy vibrating at specific frequencies, including your body, illnesses are simply indicators that you are vibrating in harmony with a vibrational frequency that is not harmonized with your body. Vibrational frequencies with which your body is not harmonized make you feel negative emotions and bad feelings throughout your body that lead to illnesses. Just as an illness can destroy your body through the use of vibrational frequencies that are not harmonized with your body, you too can use good feeling positive frequencies illnesses are not harmonized with to destroy them.

As you think a good feeling thought, you activate good feeling vibrational frequencies within you and you attract matching experiences, experiences of wellness. As you engage in this powerful process allowing for illnesses to be exposed to good feeling vibrational frequencies, frequencies with which they are not harmonized, they will be destroyed and experiences of wellness will be attracted. The more frequently you engage in this process, the greater the effect will be too.