Thoughts Are The Source Of Life

Thoughts are the driving force behind your life experiences. As you think a thought, you trigger life experiences. When you think a positive good feeling thought, you trigger positive good feeling life experiences, but when you think a negative bad feeling thought, you trigger negative bad feeling experiences.

The thoughts you think precede the experiences you have and this process is most apparent just prior to awakening from a night's rest. Moments prior to getting out of bed, you will likely notice an assortment of thoughts racing through your head that are related to the type of life experience you are going to have once you get out of bed.

These thoughts will trigger the life experiences you will have once you get out of bed and they will be followed by additional thoughts that will trigger additional life experiences. By purposely controlling the directions in which these thoughts go, you can control the directions in which your life goes.

The more desirable do the thoughts you think become, the more of this source of life are you allowing to flow through you. Since the way thoughts make you feel matches the way the experiences they create would make you feel, you should think the most desirable good feeling thoughts you can conjure to create highly desirable experiences.