Thought Baseline

The vibrational baseline of the thoughts you think, emotionally speaking, is your strongest point of attraction. Your baseline is equal to the average vibrational frequency of the thoughts you think.

Since the way you presently feel is your point of attraction, emotional baseline, and the average feeling you have felt leading up to the present, your future life experiences will thus match the way you presently feel. You can do your best to improve the thoughts you think and your point of attraction by ensuring your thoughts are higher and faster, better feeling, than the vibrational baseline at which you currently vibrate.

You can also identify vibrational goals, vibrational emotional states, you want to reach and then do your best to match those emotional states to change your vibrational baseline to match their specific vibrational frequency. This process can easily be completed through the use of a thought chart.

A thought chart is a chart where the emotional state of the thoughts you think is registered at a correlating point on the chart that matches the time at which it was thought. This process also results in vibrational averages, moving averages, highs and lows, trends, etc.

Your various points of attraction can also be identified by marking points on the chart that signify a certain vibrational frequency, such as a goal you want to manifest. When you are maintaining an emotional state that is equal to or greater than the identified frequency, you can tell whether or not that emotional state will attract such desirable experiences.

When you are vibrating at a frequency that is equal to or higher than the frequency of your desires, you feel as good as you would feel were your desires to manifest, or even better. When you vibrate at a frequency found below the frequency of your desires, you feel worse than you would feel were your desires to manifest. For this reason, the thinking of the best feeling thought you can find concerning your desires will allow for you to quickly manifest your desires and highly desirable life experiences by feeling as you would feel were your desires to manifest, or even better.