Mini Universes

Your life is a perfect reflection of the thoughts you think and the corresponding feelings you feel. Due to the vibrational structure of the Universe, everything in your world is a vibrational match to the vibrational frequencies you are presently feeling.

Due to this phenomenon, it can be said that objects, people, things, etc. represent the thoughts and feelings you have been giving your attention. For this reason, if you give your attention to a person and you begin to vibrate in harmony with them as a result, but then you withdraw your attention from them, while they may not be in your present life experience in the same form, they are still present in your current life experience nonetheless, because their vibrational frequencies are still present in your point of attraction, the way you feel.

As a result, if you withdraw your attention from someone you have been focusing on, they will continue to remain in your presence, but they may come in the form of an object, an animal, a picture, etc. that matches their vibrational frequency. This occurs, because your life experience is a perfect vibrational match to the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel.

With this knowledge, you can now treat everything in your life experience as something more than the sum of its parts. Now you know that you will attract much more than a single object as you give an object your attention, because as you give an object your attention, you are actually giving your attention to a string of energy, a vibrational frequency, that will lead to many more objects, people, places, things, etc. that are of a like nature, ones that match its vibrational frequency.

You can also treat the extent to which your senses will reach into the depths of the Universe as multiple mini universes that each essentially match the vibrational frequency of the picture of the whole Universe you hold in your mind, because as you think about the world as a whole, you activate the specific vibrational frequencies of those thoughts within yourself and your life experience must then reflect those vibrational frequencies as a result since it always matches the way you feel.