You Are Important

You truly do matter whether or not you are aware of the important role you play in this Universe. Everything in the Universe is affected by you. This process occurs due to the impact you have on your surrounding environment. As you interact with the world around you, you change the state of the Universe and this change alters the actions of every other point of consciousness in the Universe in some way.

You are important, because everything you do affects the entire Universe. This process occurs as you think a thought, take an action, or even do nothing at all. As you think a thought, take an action, or do nothing at all, you change what you are doing, but you also change what everyone else in the Universe is doing as well, for your actions affect the choices other people make in a multitude of ways.

In vibrational terms, your true importance can be described even more accurately. Your personal vibrational frequency, the way you feel, is constantly altering your surrounding environment. Thus, as you interact with your environment, people around you, etc., your personal vibrational frequency mixes with your surrounding environment and this change in your surrounding environment then goes on to alter the vibrational frequency of the environment that surrounds it and this process goes on into infinity.

For this reason, you should do your best to maintain a very desirable vibrational frequency, a vibrational frequency that makes you feel good, to ensure you improve the entire Universe in the most optimal way possible. As a result of your choice to give your attention to the best vibrational frequency to which you have access, the best feeling you can find, you will improve the entire Universe around you and all of your life experiences will be improved as well.