Gradual Attraction

Due to a wide variety of circumstances, you may not be able to focus in a way that will achieve the type of results you may be hoping to achieve while using the law of attraction. If you have found yourself in a position where the process of giving your undivided attention to what you want is difficult, you should utilize gradual attraction.

Gradual attraction is the process whereby you give your attention to what you want in a gradual manner rather than all at once. To do so, you can set time aside each day where you will give your attention to what you want to the best of your abilities.

You can also begin to incorporate actions into your daily routine that are similar in nature to the desires you would like to manifest. As you gradually transform your thought patterns by devoting specific segments of time to what you want and by transforming your actions to better match your desires, your personal vibrational frequency will gradually transform to better match your desires and you will see evidence of this fact in the transformation of your daily life experience due to this change in your focus.