Dispelling Negative Vibrations

Inevitably, as you traverse this world full of diverse people, you are going to come across people who focus on negatives. When a person gives their attention to anything, they begin to vibrate in harmony with that which they are giving their attention, but they also vibrationally affect those who focus upon them as well.

As a result of this phenomenon, when you place your focus on negative people, negative vibrations are instilled within you. For instance, negative thoughts you have about the negative thoughts other people are thinking are a sign that this process is actively occurring in the present moment.

Negative vibrations can also be instilled within you when you are focusing on negatives on your own as well. These negative vibrations tend to linger within you and you can easily see evidence of this fact by observing the thoughts you think.

If you are accustomed to allowing yourself to focus on negatives, or you used to focus on negatives in the past, it is likely that these vibrations are still present within you right now and are responsible for many of the recurring negative thoughts you think. This process is thus the source of negative memories in most instances.

In order to combat this issue, you must dispel these negative vibrations through the use of positive good feeling vibrations. To do so, identify the positive good feeling vibrations that you would like to feel resonating throughout your body. Find the essence of those vibrations as you focus upon your desires.

The essence of these vibrations may come in the form of a color, a thought, a vague idea, or even a particular feeling. Once you have clearly identified these positive vibrations, imagine and feel them filling your body down to its core. Then, as you resonate in perfect harmony with them down to your core, imagine and feel them resonating throughout your entire body.

As you complete this process, all of the negative vibrations within your body will be dispelled and replaced by positive good feeling vibrations and you can see evidence of this fact by observing the way you feel and the thoughts you think once you are done.