Life Purpose

Your life purpose and the purpose of life from your perspective both play a very strong role in defining your point of attraction and the type of experiences you have each and every day. If you believe a certain life path is your life's purpose, you will inevitably experience a great deal of experiences involving that life path every day of your life.

Along with this phenomenon, the purpose of life from your perspective also plays a major role in defining your point of attraction. The purpose to which you assign the existence of life itself will deeply affect your point of attraction and the life experiences you attract, because your life will inevitably follow a path that confirms your belief in this established perspective.

For this reason, since you can choose your personal life purpose, and you can actively define your perspective of the purpose behind the existence of all life, you should do your best to choose good feeling thoughts as you define these belief systems. By doing so, you will feel much better overall each and every day and this will dramatically improve your life experiences due to the shift in your point of attraction that will take place once you have utilized this process.

As a result of applying this process to your life, your life experiences will transform to match your newly developed belief systems and if you have chosen better feeling thoughts than you used to focus upon, your life experience will transform into a better feeling life experience overall.