Physics And The Law Of Attraction

Since the nature of physics is that of a mathematical construct made by man based on the origin of mathematics, 1 + 1, the artificial division of land, the counting of objects, etc., it cannot fully define the fundamental fabric of the Universe. No matter how deep physicists dig into the Universe with their pursuits, they will constantly run into smaller and smaller objects when looking through microscopes and larger and larger objects when looking through telescopes. Thus, the mathematical formula 1+1=2, the formula upon which all of mathematics is constructed, is an artificial concept and has no real basis in this Universe.

The phenomena known as mathematics and physics were created by the infinite nature of the Universe and the law of attraction. As physicists give their attention to physics, they attract thoughts, ideas, and experiences that match their focus. Thus, we can now understand the endless pursuit of physicists and we can begin to look at the role the mind plays in the process of understanding the nature of the Universe.

The laws of physics nonetheless still apply and they can be used to understand and utilize components of the Universe due to the nature of consciousness and its relationship to the world since the world is defined by the manner in which consciousness focuses. In order to truly understand the fundamental nature of the Universe though, consciousness must be taken into account.

At the core of the Universe is pure infinite energy. This energy vibrates at various frequencies due to the focusing of consciousness. The vibrational frequency of an object thus gives the infinite energy, the foundational fabric of the Universe, definition and this definition comes in an infinite number of forms, for there are an infinite number of vibrational frequencies in existence and the fabric of the Universe, pure infinite energy, can vibrate at any frequency.

The definition of the Universe also comes in the form of physics and related physics based concepts, such as galaxies, atoms, protons, etc. Thus, the creation and evolution of physics arose from the infinite energy based fabric of the Universe and the relationship that exists between consciousness and this energy.