How To Measure The Quality Of Thoughts

You can measure the quality of a thought by observing the type of thoughts the thought attracts. You can also measure the quality of a thought by observing the way you feel as you think about it or act upon it. Another way to measure the quality of a thought is the intuitive sense you have as to whether or not a thought is harmonized with what you want. By measuring the quality of thoughts, you can easily identify the highest quality thoughts you can focus on to improve your life as quickly as possible.

The first method of measuring the quality of thoughts is truly one of the most powerful methods you can use. This method is particularly effective and striking, because once you understand that every thought you think attracts other thoughts of a like nature, you can hone in on thoughts that attract highly desirable thoughts into your life.

In order to truly understand this particular process though, you must first understand the way in which the law of attraction works. This law works on the basis that like attracts like. As you think a thought, a thought of a similar nature is attracted unto you. For example, as you think about a specific car, you may then attract a thought about its interior, or you may think about the color you would like to see that car in. This process happens with all thoughts too.

To take advantage of this process, you can search for high quality thoughts that attract many additional good feeling thoughts. High quality thoughts are thoughts that make you feel good, while lower quality thoughts do not make you feel quite as good. When you think a high quality thought, that thought will be followed by multiple similar good feeling thoughts due to the law of attraction.

While you can intuitively measure the quality of a thought by simply observing the type of thoughts it attracts unto you, the way you feel is a very clear indicator of the quality of a thought. The way you feel is a great indicator, because as you think a particular thought, you begin to vibrate in harmony with that thought. When you think a thought that makes you feel good, and the thought is also followed by other good feeling thoughts, you can be certain you have found a high quality thought, because that particular thought triggers good feeling vibrations within you and it attracts good feeling thoughts and experiences into your life.

Your intuition is another powerful tool you can use when attempting to measure the quality of thoughts. Many people can easily identify high quality thoughts and they can also easily spot low quality thoughts. For example, when a person is thinking about having a lot of money, most people would intuitively label this particular thought as a high quality thought. On the other hand, if the person was worrying about becoming ill even though there are no signs of illness, it is quite easy for most people to identify this particular thought as a low quality thought.

Once you start measuring the quality of thoughts by using your intuition, the way you feel, and by observing the type of thoughts a thought attracts, you will always know whether or not you are focusing on high quality thoughts that will benefit your life. And once you can identify high quality thoughts, you will be in a position to identify extremely high quality thoughts to benefit your life even more.