Vibrational Language

When most people think about the law of attraction, they think they will instantly get what they ask for. While this is true, the Universe responds differently than you might think. When you use words to ask for what you want, the Universe actually hears a vibrational language of which most people are hardly aware. This vibrational language can be witnessed by observing the way you feel in any given moment. The way you feel in any given moment is what the Universe believes you are currently asking for.

In this way, you can communicate with the Universe by manipulating the way you feel. As you fine-tune the way you feel, your current state of being, your life's affairs will begin to transform to match the way you feel. For this reason, it is very important that you tend to the way you feel, even when you are asking the Universe, or God, for what you want through the use of your words.

As you state a demand of the Universe through your words, or utter a prayer as you go to bed, you are actually still communicating with the Universe through the way you feel rather than with the words you say. For this reason, you should do your best to find a way to state your desires in words that make you feel good. By doing this, you will set your point of attraction at a point that will attract all that you desire into your life, because when you feel good, you are attracting good feeling experiences.

Many people believe the law of attraction is all about manifesting new cars, new homes, and all types of physical objects. In reality though, the objects that people attract while manifesting are not the ultimate goal manifestors have in mind. In fact, the ultimate goal good manifestors keep in mind when manifesting is the state of being they wish to attain.

Your current state of being is the way you feel. By tending to the way you feel rather than worrying about the manifestations of objects, you can keep your focus on that which matters most, your point of attraction. Now that you understand the most important thing you can do is improve the way you feel, you can deliberately guide your attention in a way that makes you feel good to constantly improve your state of being, your point of attraction.

The most effective way to communicate with the Universe is through the process of focusing on that which you want simply for the pleasure the thoughts give you. As you give your attention to what you want for the pleasure the thoughts give you, you will instantly improve the way you feel, your point of attraction, and your life experiences will immediately begin to transform to match the new state of being you have attained.