Om Mani Padme Hum

Om mani padme hum is a mantra that is widely used around the world. While the exact translation of this saying can be interpreted in many ways, many people believe it means "love is everywhere" or "love is everything." This simple mantra can be used in a wide variety of ways, but if you are interested in utilizing it to empower yourself while applying the law of attraction, it can be very powerful and very useful. The following guide will discuss how you can go about harnessing its power to enhance the attraction between yourself and your grandest desires.

Before you can truly harness the power of this saying, you must first attempt to understand its true meaning. While the saying "love is everything" can be very helpful in defining the meaning of this mantra, it hardly explains its true meaning in a way that everyone can easily understand.

To understand its true meaning, you must first take a clear look at the underlying nature of the Universe. Everything is attracted to everything else in this Universe. This fact is commonly referred to as gravity. Due to gravity, everything is constantly meshing and molding together in an eternal dance that could easily be identified as love. Since everything is attracted to everything else in this Universe, it could also be said that everything loves everything else.

This is not your standard run of the mill love though, because this is unconditional love. Planets are attracted to stars without requiring any conditions to be met before they will embrace each other. The same goes for all matter in the Universe. This attraction, this unconditional love, is present everywhere and in everything, including yourself.

This is important, because once you understand the ultimate nature of the Universe, you are in a very good position to start creating your grandest desires. If you can identify the essence of love, and perhaps even give it a color, you can tap into the ultimate nature of the Universe, unconditional love, and you can greatly improve the way you feel in any given moment. And since the way you feel is your point of attraction, you can greatly improve your point of attraction by tapping into this unconditional love.

To get started, start imagining everything around you being the essence of love. Picture everything in the entire Universe down to its very core as being love. When you do this, you are tapping into the true meaning of "om mani padme hum," love is everything. Also, when you do this, you will feel very good as a result.

Once you have achieved this state of mind, you will likely view the entire world around you in a very different manner than you did prior to meditating on this simple mantra's meaning. In fact, you will likely feel a sense of unconditional love for the world around you. This unconditional love is a place of no resistance, which means it is a place where everything you desire can easily flow into your experience.

Most people endure a certain amount of negativity in their lives no matter how positive they may be. This negativity can make it very difficult for people to manifest their grandest dreams, because it constantly forces them to give their attention to what they do not want and as a result of their focus, they ultimately get more of what they do not want.

When you are focused on the true meaning of "om mani padme hum," you are focused in a way that you only experience the positive emotion of love. This idea and feeling of love is a great place to be when you want to attract a desire, because while you are in this state of mind, you can easily focus on what you want in life without becoming negative in your thoughts. This will ultimately lead to faster manifestations of your grandest desires if you can maintain your focus on what you want and the true nature of the Universe.

This is not the only process you can use to improve the way you feel though. In fact, there are many powerful processes you can start using today to attract your grandest desires.