The Value Of Acting The Part

When you do everything you can to make yourself more like the way you want to be through your actions, clothes, attitude, mood, etc, you effectively eliminate contradictions and purify your vibration which allows you to focus more purely upon that which you want to experience while simultaneously focusing in a way that you may think about what it is you want as if it is already present in your current experience with greater ease.

Everything you experience in life is happening to you due to the way you feel. The way you feel is literally your point of attraction. When you feel great, you are attracting experiences that will also make you feel great. When you feel as if you already have that which you desire, you are attracting experiences of already having what it is you want.

You can use this knowledge in a very powerful way to create any type of life experience you want to live. If you would like to create a specific life experience, but you are constantly being contradicted by your surroundings, you will likely find the process of manifesting to be considerably more difficult than it would be otherwise.

If there are factors in your life right now that are of a contradictory nature to that of the experience you are trying to create, you should do your best to minimize those particular contradictions. If you are trying to feel rich all of the time, but the clothes you wear are not very nice and you are constantly focusing on other aspects of your current reality you are not particularly satisfied with, you will set your personal vibration, the way you feel, your point of attraction, at a vibration that is equal to that of your present circumstances. If your personal vibration, the way you feel, is set at a frequency matching your present circumstances, your future is going to consist of more of that which you are presently experiencing.

By simply doing your best to change your attitude about your life, you can truly change the circumstances in which you find yourself. As you do your best to maintain the thought of having what it is you desire right now, and focus on the feelings of having what it is you want right now, you will set your point of attraction at the vibration that matches it and it will then become your reality as a result.

The more you improve the way you feel, the better your life experience will become. If you make yourself feel as if you already have what it is you want, you will attract what you want into your life, because the way you feel is your point of attraction. If you start taking actions that are in alignment with that which you desire by wearing clothes that match it, thinking thoughts and feeling feelings that are in alignment with it, focusing on subjects that also match it, focusing on people who are in alignment with it, and by doing everything you can to align yourself with it, you are bound to find the feeling of what it feels like to experience its manifestation and once you know what it feels like to experience its manifestation, and you know how to keep your focus locked on that particular feeling, it will then rapidly become your reality due to your vibrational harmonization with it.