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Understanding Unconscious Attraction

Most people are currently in the process of unknowingly creating their lives. This guide will help you understand how such unconscious attraction really works.

For starters, every single object in the Universe is vibrating at a specific frequency, even people. This frequency in relation to you is literally the way you feel, your personal point of attraction. People who let the world around them depict how they feel are unconsciously attracting experiences into their lives.

If you do not deliberately direct your thoughts and select the subjects being given your attention, you are effectively an unconscious creator. You are always attracting experiences into your life and the subjects being given your attention equal your personal point of attraction. For this reason, even if you were to remain unaware of the law of attraction's existence, it would still play a central role in your life as it is a law of nature.

Many people who are deliberate creators sometimes also attract experiences at an unconscious level at times despite their knowing better. Most people who are only just learning about how the law of attraction works find the process of maintaining their focus upon that which they want to be boring and tiresome. These individuals then let their minds slide back into their old ways of thinking and doing things. It is at this time they likely do the majority of their miscreating, because they are focusing and attracting without paying attention to how the experiences they are focusing upon make them feel.

The process of paying attention to the way you feel, and guiding your thoughts towards points of focus that make you feel good, is truly the trick to using the law of attraction effectively in your life. If you are always paying attention to the way you feel, and always making an attempt to feel good by focusing on subjects that make you feel good, you will then be the deliberate creator you have always wanted to be.

Since the way you feel is your point of attraction, when you are constantly giving your attention to subjects that make you feel good, you will thereby attract experiences that will also make you feel good in return since the way you feel and everything that is happening around you are always a perfect vibrational match to one another.

If you create unconsciously though, you might accidentally give your attention to a subject that makes you feel bad and you will then attract experiences that match the way you feel. If you were a conscious creator on the other hand, you would instantly recognize the fact that you are giving your attention to something that makes you feel bad in the moment you begin to do so and then you would be in a position to switch your focus to that which you truly want to attract.

The difference between a conscious creator and an unconscious creator is found in each person's ability to maintain their focus upon what it is they want. Unconscious creators think that it does not matter which subjects they give their attention and they believe they have no control over their lives as a result. Many people who have gone through the process of achieving awakening know better though. These individuals know the way they feel is their point of attraction and the subjects they choose to give their attention ultimately depict the way they feel.

If you would like to immediately become a conscious creator, simply start following your bliss. To follow your bliss, focus on the best feeling thoughts you can find and keep reaching for the best feeling thoughts you can find as you reach higher and higher heights. The utilization of this basic process can instantly create amazing experiences in your life. Now that you understand the nature of unconscious attraction, you are in a great position to start creating the life you have always dreamed of living through the use of conscious attraction.