The Secret Law of Attraction

While gravity is no secret, many people are still unaware of the powerful law known as the law of attraction. This law is obviously not being hidden from the masses anymore, but due to the lack of acceptance it has received from established authorities within many scientific fields and news agencies, it has not received the recognition it deserves, yet. Since it has still not received the recognition it deserves, it is easy to understand why many people still consider the law of attraction to be a secret.

The law of attraction is not even the real secret of the Universe, which is the somewhat ironic aspect of the current situation the masses have found themselves in. The real secret is the fact that everything consists of energy and this energy is God, consciousness.

Those who understand this concept and accept its truth are in a very powerful position too since they can create any type of life they want to live just by simply giving their attention to their desires. The average person who mocks those who believe the law of attraction exists, along with those who practice it, continue to live their menial lives with no important purpose ever fulfilling their time here on Earth. These individuals also continue to lack the understanding that is necessary to control their focus as well. As a result, they simply continue to give their attention to whatever happens to be placed in front of them, including ads, menial labor, and subjects that do not make them feel good. In other words, things they do not want.

Those who understand how this powerful law works on the other hand feel the inspiration that is their true nature, their source of energy in life. They feel a calling towards their desires in such a powerful way that they actually become excited about the experiences they create in their lives. They think about their desires with anticipation of the glorious future that is ahead of them. They give their attention to subjects they find to be absolutely blissful and they attract only goodness from the hearts of those around them.

At first, those who become awakened by this incredible sense of purpose exist in a world of confusion. They have come to understand that the thoughts they hold in their mind really do affect the outcomes of their experiences, but they also continue to see many people around them who do not adhere to these principles nor even acknowledge their existence.

During this time of confusion, they often doubt themselves, along with those who have taught them important pieces of information about the world around them, and they even doubt the existence of God at times. During this time, they also begin to give their attention to their desires, but since the rest of their focus is placed upon subjects they do not want to attract, they receive a clouded mixture of experiences consisting of desirable and undesirable manifestations. Some people fall through the cracks at this point, only seeing the light shining through, but never getting a chance to fully immerse themselves within the glorious experience of knowing the truth.

Others break through the confusion and give their undivided attention to their desires instead. As a result, they attract a tremendous number of desirable experiences into their lives. These individuals in particular ultimately come to know that they can create any type of life they want to live simply by giving their attention to their desires.

While it is not necessary that these glorious beings understand how the world around them works, they also sometimes peer deeper into the nature of the Universe to better understand the underlying factors that affect their day to day experiences. Once they obtain a clear understanding of how the world around them operates, they are then in a position to not only know that they can create any type of life experience they want to live, but they actually do indeed live every type of life experience they want to live.

Although a broad range of sciences and logical thinkers accept the idea that there is more to the world than the eye can see, they are still baffled by the thought of what this 'more' could possibly be. For this reason, it is likely that the confusion amongst the masses will continue while a few intelligent, brave, and faithful individuals peer past the confusion and enter the realm of true understanding.

Those who enter this realm of understanding know that believing is truly seeing and that seeing is in itself a form of believing. They understand that the world around them is all one entity, God manifesting in an infinite number of forms. In a scientific context, it could also be said that they understand that everything around them is simply energy and this energy is vibrating at an infinite number of frequencies.

As they give their attention to any subject, one of God's many forms, or one of the many forms of vibrational frequencies, they begin to harmonize with the very subject they are giving their attention and thereby enter a world in which that subject is present all around them.