Negative Emotion Is The Cause Of All Illness

Negative emotion is a sign that indicates there is discord present within the body. This Universe is a vibrational universe. Everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at specific frequencies. Your body is also vibrating at a specific frequency. When negative emotion is introduced to your body, a frequency that is not harmonized with your body's current vibrational frequency is thereby introduced.

Not all negative emotion causes illnesses to arise, but its presence is nonetheless the very first indicator that an illness is imminent. An illness generally arises if the negative discord persists over time, because discord within the body cannot continue to exist without destroying the harmony of the body.

A very good example of this process would be a piece of classical music mixed with the most annoying sound you can think of at this moment. Now, imagine the annoying sound being introduced to a beautiful masterpiece of classical music. The annoying sound cannot exist for very long while the music is playing without completely destroying the piece of music.

Your body operates using the same principles of vibration. When a vibration that is perceived as negative emotion is intermingled with the masterpiece of vibrations that is your body, it begins to immediately destroy the vibrational harmony of your body. As this process continues, illnesses arise since illnesses are the physical manifestation of such discord.

By simply eliminating negative emotion from your life, you can effectively eliminate illness from your life. You can avoid illnesses altogether through the disallowing of any negative discord that attempts to enter your life by avoiding focusing on any subjects that create negative discord within you. Once you comply with this simple process of avoiding discord found in negative emotion by avoiding subjects that cause negative discord to arise within you, you will never get sick and you will thus never experience illness.

If you are currently experiencing an illness right now, your situation is only slightly different. While you can indeed pull your attention away from subjects in the world that cause negative emotion to arise within you to feel better, you will nonetheless still have discord and negative emotions associated with your body. Along with avoiding focusing on subjects that cause negative discord to arise within your body, you must also stop focusing on your illness in a way that creates negative emotion.

Whenever you focus on your current illness and feel negative emotion, you are at that moment magnifying the illness within yourself. Many people ultimately continue engaging in this process until it completely destroys their bodies. If you can avoid giving your attention to subjects that cause negative discord to arise within you, and if you can avoid focusing on your current illness in a way that causes negative emotion to arise within you, your illness will subside and the harmony of your body will be restored.

The easiest way to stop focusing on negative emotion and subjects that cause this discord to arise is the process of following your bliss. If you focus on subjects you find to be absolutely blissful, you will replace the vibrations that cause this discord to arise within your body with vibrations that induce vibrational harmony to arise within your body instead. The more you focus on subjects you find to be absolutely blissful, the more vibrational harmony you will create within your body. When a body is in complete vibrational harmony, it feels very good and illness thus cannot arise unless vibrations of discord, negative emotions, are somehow introduced.

Now that you understand that negative emotion is the very first sign of illness, you will likely start giving your attention to subjects that make you feel good and you will avoid giving your attention to subjects that make you feel bad. If you do indeed do this, you will feel very good most of the time and you will never get sick.

This process works due to the nature of the Universe you live in. This is a vibrational universe that operates with a law known as the law of attraction. As you focus on specific vibrations, subjects, you begin to vibrate in harmony with those vibrations and you can witness this increasing harmony simply by observing the way you feel in any given moment since this process is constantly occurring.