The Library Of God

You live in a universe where many features of your existence are seemingly unknown. These unknown features are often looked upon as mysteries by most people, but they are also looked upon as areas of the world that have yet to be explored by scientists. While many people feel that these areas of existence are completely unknowable, there are some people who understand the true nature of the Universe, and they believe the Universe is an infinite collection of vibrations that are of an infinite variety of intensities that make each vibration within the collection different and unique.

The Universe, or the room, the place, etc. in which you exist right now is simply a collection of vibrations. These vibrations are in a constant state of flux though in that they are constantly morphing and changing. When one object comes into contact with another object, the vibrations of both objects then change to a certain degree. This is the fundamental nature of existence throughout the Universe.

The truly interesting and amazing aspect of these vibrational dimensions is the fact that you can change the dimensions in which you exist. By simply changing your thoughts, you can change the vibrations that surround you. While it may seem rather commonplace to most people to think about the world that lies beyond the location in which they exist at present, there is more complexity inherent in this process than they realize. By simply placing your focus on the outside world that exists beyond the current room or building you are presently in, you thereby change the frequency at which you personally vibrate. If you continue to give thought to the world beyond the building or space you currently occupy, and then think about going outside or beyond its scope, you will likely then proceed to go outside. Once you go outside, the set of vibrations you are surrounded by will then change to match the thoughts you were holding in your mind, and you will thus see vibrations that are related to the vibrations you were previously only thinking about.

This is true for all dimensions in existence too. The library of God is this infinite set of dimensions that are always at your disposal. Whether you want to be rich, learn about a specific subject, or even visit a specific destination, you can simply place your attention upon the vibration of your choosing, or in other words, place your attention upon that subject, and you will thereby start to vibrate like that subject as a result. As you give your attention to the dimension you would like to be in, the dimension where you are at your favorite vacation spot, or the dimension where you are wealthy, or the dimension where you are brilliant, you literally then begin to attract those dimensions, those vibrations, into your experience.

There is an infinite set of vibrations, or dimensions, for you to choose from too. These vibrations can be morphed and mixed with other vibrations, they can be expanded upon, they can be added to, they can be magnified in intensity. There is truly no limit to the possibilities. You can select a vibration that is already in existence, such as wealth, fame, or something else that is of a well known vibration, but you can also create brand new vibrations that are uniquely your own.

You can easily tell which vibrations you are focusing on by observing the way you feel. The way you feel is a direct indicator of the current vibrational frequency you are emitting. The way you feel is also a direct indicator of the current vibrational frequency you are attracting too. So, when you feel good, you are tuned to a frequency that attracts good feeling experiences into your life.

This phenomenon applies to all subjects as well. For example, take a second to focus on the vibration of fame. Think about how the most famous people in the world feel about their fame. Think about what it is like to be incredibly famous. Once you are locked onto the thought of what it is like to be famous, you are at that moment feeling the very same feelings you would be feeling were you currently experiencing the same level of fame you are imagining. The thoughts you are thinking are a vibrational match to the way you feel. As you give your attention to thoughts of being famous, your thoughts become vibrationally harmonized with the phenomenon of fame, and as a result, you thus vibrate in harmony with the act of being famous. You can feel these vibrations ripple throughout your body too. If you ever think about being famous, and fame is a topic that pleases you, you feel good as you think about it unless you think about the drawbacks of being famous which are thoughts that naturally consist of entirely different vibrational frequencies.

Once you bear witness to the relationship that exists between the way you feel and the subject of fame, you can then easily see how every subject consists of a particular vibrational frequency. As you think about any subject, your personal vibration morphs and changes to match the frequency being given your attention just as all objects in existence are constantly morphing and changing to match the vibrational frequencies of the objects surrounding them.

Once you understand these basic principles, you will then be able to easily direct your attention towards the achievement of any goal you have set for yourself. You can always tell which subjects you are giving your attention by observing the thoughts you are thinking. If you were to think about your desires, you would thereby experience correlating feelings that feel good to you and these feelings would then make you feel more as you would feel if you were actually living a life experience filled with your desires right this moment.

By observing the thoughts you think as you give your attention to various subjects, and by observing the correlating feelings you experience while doing so, you will place yourself in a powerful position to direct your thoughts towards subjects that make you feel the way you want to feel. This process is literally just like travelling from one physical destination to another too.

When you travel from one physical destination to another just as you did earlier in this guide when you traveled from the current space you are in to an area beyond it, you are simply travelling from one set of vibrational frequencies to another.

For example, if you were sitting in Los Angeles right now and you wanted to travel to the city of New York, you would thus get in your car and you would drive from one location to the other by thinking about visiting New York. Now, if you never had the thought of visiting New York, it is likely that the trip would take a long time if it was to ever be completed at all. On the other hand, if you intended to visit New York, you would simply give your attention to the idea of visiting New York and you would then continue to think about visiting there until you actually arrived at that particular destination.

Most people would simply say that you traveled from one city to the other, but vibrationally speaking, you traveled from one set of vibrations, Los Angeles, to another set of vibrations, New York. You traversed from one set of vibrations to another set of vibrations simply by using your thoughts too. While you did take action to accomplish this goal in all likelihood, the action was only a direct result of your thoughts which were vibrationally harmonized with New York. If your thoughts were vibrationally harmonized with Los Angeles instead, you would have simply stayed where you were and you would not have had any thoughts relating to actions that would have gotten you to New York.

This is true for any goal too. If you want to travel from where you are at present to the state of being famous, you would simply think about travelling from the dimension in which you presently reside, the set of vibrations matching your current surroundings, to another dimension, in this case a set of vibrations that are harmonized with fame. In order to move from one set of vibrations to another, you simply have to give your attention to thoughts and subjects that are harmonized with the vibration of fame and you will then consistently move in the direction of accomplishing your goal of becoming famous.

You can always tell whether or not you are moving in the direction of being famous by simply observing the nature of your thoughts. While many people can easily tell if their thoughts are harmonized with their desires, some people may not be quite as certain whether or not they are currently thinking about what it is they truly want. If this is the case for you, simply observe the way you feel as you give your attention to various subjects. If you feel good, or if you feel as if you are already famous, then you are giving your attention to your desires and are thus moving in the direction of their fulfillment. You can then continue to use this process until you arrive at the inevitable experience of fame.

You can use this process to fulfill any goal too. Whatever the goal is you have set for yourself, you can simply observe the current thoughts you are thinking and you will then know whether or not you are moving in the direction of accomplishing it. You can also observe the way you feel as well in order to tell whether or not you are moving in the direction of fulfilling your desires. Whenever you feel good, you are in that moment moving in the direction of accomplishing your goals.