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How To Make Your Dreams A Reality - Are You A Vibrational Match To Your Desires?

Whenever you are a vibrational match to a desire, meaning you are harmonized with it, you feel very good as a result. You presently exist within a universe that is vibrational in nature. Everything in the Universe is made from energy vibrating at specific frequencies too. When your body vibrates in harmony with that which you desire, meaning you feel as if it forms a part of your present reality, you are thereby vibrating in harmony with it. You can tell in any given moment whether or not you are vibrating in harmony with a desire just by asking yourself whether or not you are harmonized with your desire and then observing the way you feel after doing so. When you feel good, you will know that you are vibrating in harmony with your desire, but when you feel bad, you will then know that you are vibrating in harmony with other topics instead.

You can also use the thoughts you are thinking in the present moment as an indication of whether or not you are vibrating in harmony with your desires as well. Thoughts are only perceptions of vibrations. Thus, as you think about the fulfillment of your desire, or you are at least thinking a thought relating to your desire, you are at that moment vibrating in harmony with it. It is fairly easy to discern whether or not a thought is related to a desire or not too. Since the way you feel is your point of attraction though, due to everything being attracted to other objects vibrating at similar frequencies, it is important for you to you observe the way you feel to see whether or not you are harmonized with your desire.

Whenever you feel good, you are then vibrating at a frequency that is similar in nature to the vibration of your desire. Whenever you are focusing upon a subject and you feel bad while doing so, you are actually moving in the opposite direction of your desire's fulfillment. If you ever find yourself moving in the opposite direction of fulfilling your desire, just try to find thoughts that feel better in that moment. Also, if you can, place your focus back onto what it is you want and you will then notice an improvement in the way you feel as a result.

Whenever you are noticing the absence of your desire though, you might believe your attention is being placed upon it in that moment, but your attention is actually being placed upon the exact opposite of what you want since you are then focusing upon a vibrational frequency that matches the absence of your desire. Your desires cannot come to you whenever you focus upon their absence, because you are not vibrating at a frequency that matches their nature whenever you do this. Whenever you think about your desires as if they are already in your present reality though, you are then vibrating in harmony with a frequency that matches their nature and you thus feel as if they have already been fulfilled. Whenever you feel as if your desires have already been fulfilled, they must then enter your reality as a result.

As you can see, there are two directions in which you can move in life. You can either move into a vibration that better matches your desires, or in other words, a feeling that is of a greater similarity to the way you want to feel, or you can move into a vibration that matches your desires to a lesser degree, or in other words, a vibration that is less similar to the way you want to feel.

Once you realize that you are always either moving away from or towards the fulfillment of your desires, you can then make a conscious decision to always be moving towards the fulfillment of your desires by thinking about them in a way that makes you feel good. Once you do so, your desires will then have to come into your life very quickly as a result of your becoming vibrationally harmonized with them.